Some Full Screen apps are no longer fullscreen:  fullscreen app(.net apps mostly) which are always in front and top of taskbar were not actually in front anymore in win 10 anniversary edition. In new edition microsoft has made some changes in way taskbar behaves I think this is because they have put notification. I see the problem is faced by many games also. Anyhow the fix was very simple earlier I had

<Window Title=”Anniversary Edition” WindowState=Maximized WindowStyle=None ShowInTaskbar=True>

Which now changed to

<Window Title=“Anniversary Edition” WindowState=Maximized WindowStyle=None Topmost=True ShowInTaskbar=True>

Changes in kernel touch: Seems like with new edition some more stringent check implemented in the way kernel handles touch inputs from hardware/virtual driver. For me the problem was related to drivers “inrange” and “confidence” bit.

Another change related to Touch was the way windows handles out of screen points. Earlier these touch inputs are rejected(no effect on any clicks which happens at incorrect coordinate). But now this is not true. Even if you fire an input at (-10,-10) it will go on screen at (0,0). I don’t know what is the need for this correction from microsoft side. Anyhow now you can fire at any coordinate and it will automatically be typecasted with screen size and will fall on edges or corner of the screen.