Anurag Kashyap + Manoj Bajpai + Piyush Mishra …
If it is not for few real actors and directors I would have stopped hoping for Hindi cinema.
There are so many things I loved about the movie so, let me first state what I didn’t like,… what I didn’t admire is correct restatement.
Beginning of the second half seemed a bit slow as it become too much centered on family matter, women and third generation..that’s all..just small part.

The opening scene itself is a masterpiece, way to show real shoot-out. The style in which movie is scripted and executed is just mind-blowing.
Sweet folk music. And what to say of narration/dialogues when Piyush Mishra is narrating it.. that simply can’t be better.. thinking about remembering the script.
Manoj Bajpaye is awesome. Najma awesome.. overall perfect casting ..
The ambiance, the feel, the cinematography all points to the real Wassyepur.

Time flies away and seems like even to be continued.. continues I would not have noticed it ..Not one scene is out-of-order..
Manoj Bajpai.. what can I say about him, astounding performance his wilderness, his feelings, and his lust. It’s like you are in Waasyepur with Sardar Khan all the time.
It’s one of those movies that will always be mentioned in its genre..