Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was my second audio book after “Wizard of the Oz” and I decided not to listen any book from now on. It was so long and it takes more than twice of your time although you can fool yourself that you are doing multitasking but after sometime you notice that you are missing something and then again you have to go back. Most of all I guess it doesn’t stays with you so long as the read book. There is nothing wrong with the reader’s voice I guess she was one of the best in librivox.
I liked the book. I compared little orphan Jane with Anne but she was not so understanding. Truly speaking I never really liked Jane she was so plain. She was little naive at start but after leaving Mr. Rochester she learned a lot. I didn’t liked the suspense of the attic woman and Mr. Rochester. It could have been so simple from start if Mr. Rochester is not so mysterious I hate Mr. Rochester anyway :). In the end I start feeling sorry for Jane. Also in the end of the book author has gone a little far to make everything right and happy actually very happy, things are so rushed she got lot of money, Mr. Rochester also get cured. If it is possible for author she can even make him younger 🙂 Anyhow the story is really timeless, an unconventional passionate love story. Jane is an interesting character one of the most discussed heroines/characters in literature.

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