The Lady with the Little Dog (Stories of Anton Chekhov)The Lady with the Little Dog by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
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Oh! why Chekhov is so praised. English authors had started writing stories inspired by Russian author but I see now that Russian writers are no where near Indian authors in story writing. Chekhov was best Russian story writer and this was his one of the best work. I didn’t like it so much Actually I have compared it with Indian stories. May be due to different culture or translation which I don’t think was the problem. But the kind of story Indian authors write is incomparable, nowhere to be found. The way of expressing things the words lines everything seems so natural. The nearness to the characters you feel is extreme. I will say no English or Russian author can compare to it in their stories. In this particular story author has tried to express the inner feelings, the mental process and emotion (introspect) that goes within two married people while they wishes to define their extra martial relationship. There feelings toward each other.

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