19841984 by George Orwell
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Finally I read this over-hyped novel. By over-hyped I didn’t mean to say that it was bad or anything it is just that it was not so good as was expected from the reviews/comments and suggestions I got to read this book.
The book is really nice but I will not chose this novel in my top 25-30 best read books of all time. Orwell love to innovate and create social structures. Society that creates an impact on you make you think and believe in it. 1984 not an exception.
He has created an imaginary world which seems to be post-apocalyptic. A cruel and fearsome structure as every post-apocalyptic society should be. Although it was more thought provoking if compared with other post-apocalyptic books. Although I will not say it was anyway near to "Brave new world", can’t compare with Brave new world.
Brave new world was far better than this novel, that society was really really excruciating and fearsome. You have no way out it. It was complete in itself with very little or I’ll say with no flaw.
Social structure in 1984 was also creepy and bolted tight within you have no exit in any way out of it. If you are born before the change you really have just vague idea what it was about every bit of history was rewritten everyone was convinced in their heart that this the best they can get and no one ever living or lived has better standard than what we have today. It was also made sure that there will be a progress in living standard throughout the running era so currently going things are also bend and modified. His philosophy about society which are strong enough to be stable what kind of laws/regulation should a stable persistent society should have are very realistic.
Even though Orwell has tried very hard to convince about the social structure the party(Big brothers) ideas. Even after that I was never convinced. Mainly why they are Torturing Winston Smith and people similar to him people who have done "thought crime" anyway they have to be executed and since no-one cares about anybody why so fuss why waste so much energy/resources. The society was such that son turns up his father for thought crime. So inherently no one really no one cares there is no responsibility no human values. The complete idea has lots and lots of flaws. Nothing made sense finally. If the author was trying to do this on purpose then he has succeeded really. Although he has tied all the loose ends but not in proper way. Goldstein kind of people will always be there. There will always be people like the protagonist , fool enough to believe in secret parties(Goldstein) which seemed like conspiracy of party itself. They are so sure that no one can break their social structure and who is benefiting from it. There must be someone who love this structure and appreciate it otherwise their is no point in creating something like this where everyone suffers. Where are those people where is the government who are so called Big brothers and what they are gaining from this why they are doing this what was the overall point in making something like this. even after that when they know everything already about Smith and the girl why have they given him so much time .
Anyway I saw this novel as a fear which is inside all European and Americans with respect to communism when it has just started flourishing in countries(2nd world war).
One other thing I like to quote here is that George Orwell was born in Motihari a city in Bihar 🙂

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