A Little PrincessA Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I really really love these kind of childish imaginary books. Books like A Little Prince, Anne of green gables series, Oliver twist, Great expectations, I adore these books.
Some time while reading this book it seemed that I am reading about one another Anne. Even though both characters are lot different and I don’t think Sara’s(Frances H. Burnett) imagination are as lively and vivid as Anne’s(L. M. Montgomery) imagination. But i like Sara character in different way (You can like two people equally well but in different way -Anne quote from 2nd book). Both of them have seen worse kind of days in their life. I guess Anne seems more real to me than Sara that’s all. But Sara was gone through more severe days, and it really hurts more when you come from rich background and just in a moment treated so badly. You are totally changed and just a moment before life seems like dream to you. This book was far better than Secret Garden by same author.
Sara is a little kindred spirit loving and caring everyone. How can a little child be so understanding which seems like she is so matured and have actually ‘seen’ the world for long time. This makes the book lovely to read although sometime her imagination are too imaginary and childish seemed kind of foolish to read. Miss Minchin seemed so unrealistic character. I don’t think people are really so bad. . or is it may be I don’t know.

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