Things Fall ApartThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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Things fall apart

I liked the book. I didn’t like the start and if not for the much praise I haven’t gone through end and missed a fine novel. Start seems dull, things and culture described too much seems like before making things fall first he has taken great interest in creating the things . It may be possible that I got the culture part easily so doesn’t have to elaborate obvious things, may be everyone can’t get the picture of the social structure in few words so he need more pages to convince things exactly. Anyway for me also some of the things are completely new and quite interesting like I haven’t thought of a social structure where priests are judged as outcast and God is just for fear and there is no king just title and title doesn’t comes inherited. But after the encounter of first white man it become really interesting and then the actual novel begin although this part is real short just like a story but it’s great. The first white man which they have killed and tied his iron horse in sacred tree was interesting event. How white men start the capturing how Christianity prevailed how their own social structure slowly start dying. How your own blood your own people start turning against you. Impressive really impressive work!! There are some very good things in tribal culture which I really come to learn first time in the book . But I guess there are more bad then good God only feared wants sacrifice. Women are not much respected, men can marry i don’t how many women no limit specified.

The last event and para is total intriguing one of the best I ever read.

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