The Lovely BonesThe Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A remarkable sentimental story. I loved reading it this was her debut novel and it has broken all records sold more than any debut novel. I started reading it in night just before going to bed read 10-12 page but in morning my first and foremost task was to finish it.

I really liked the character of the mother and father, basically mother she seemed intriguing character.

I think Sebold can have written a better book if she hasn’t made it too much sweet and detailed some character more(Ruth and her Mother). Ruth comes into her life only after her death and she become so much attached it would be better if she was her friend before she died.

The last part also seemed too much out of usual. After coming back for short time I don’t think someone can just make love and that’s all she should have at least tried to meet her father. Her murderer because of whom she and her family have suffered so much is roaming freely she can have helped to catch him.

Anyway book was delightful and lovely I was mesmerized by simplicity of the story.

Movie directed by Peter Jackson. Yes! Lord of the rings.

I guess the book can’t be a great movie he has tried a lot to make it good but it can’t explained itself. there are many important events which are left. It is true that everything can’t be covered in movie but that make it kind of incomplete.

A great book so lovely so quietly and peacefully said story results in average- movie. Although all actors are fine and have played their part perfectly. Heaven is shown quit beautiful but lot of focus on use of Graphics has ruined the movie.

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