House MD: V. Good. All disease however small will lead to neurosurgery.
Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease lupus are most common. Dr. House is obviously very peculiar charter but he is racist, takes drug, patient’s life is the least concern to him.

How I met your mother: Good. They should be more progressive toward the main theme. Main Suspense is opened too slow sometimes it seems that they have forgotten it.

Big bang theory: One of my all-time favorite series. I love to watch it’s episode again and again.

Legend of Seeker: Kind of LOTR although there is no comparison and lot of difference is there but once you see it similarities become too obvious. Average series. Good story.

Supernatural: Good start but elongated the story even when they don’t have very good story to share keep on making episodes.
Should have stopped producing new season lot earlier.

The vampire’s diary: I liked it