Do we prefer to live in world where we have ample of adventure at our fingers? It all seems so fascinating in movies books and tv-series. Consider for instance Lost Room: What an add to the world Things which can just turn your life upside down. If we consider these in other way they fascinate us because of the level on which we are thinking of these stuff. We already have many other adventurous stuff which we can’t imagine in past. These fictions amazes us only because of their drastically unexplained nature or they violate the most fundamental laws Or other reason is they are not continuously developed they have skipped intermediate stages.
I can’t imagine a world in which let us say overnight we come across any one of these stuff from the movie books or tv-series like Lost Room or Lost or Dark Materials(Pullman) or Sphere(Chrichton) . . . . There are so many. Will it be fun? I think so. Good to try things which we can’t imagine, anyway everything comes with a price and we pay more if we are not intelligent enough to use it.

It is absurd to think anything of such kind it is just that I want to write something and it feels so good and interesting. I am no believer in any non science stuff.