Desperate housewives
Dead why? She tells story now she is dead there is nothing hidden from her. There discontent weird family problem. Each one of them suffering somehow.
Each season start with some mystery but i didn’t follow it because I am simply not interested in only drama and family problem. There is some comedy also but not so much or may be not of my type to bind me to series.

Cougar Town: one more tv-series two major family one two more character. simple easy stuff drama comedy. Focus on a divorced woman whose husband lives next door. don’t seem to have bad relationship either both enjoy their life and each other presence.
She tries to date people while keeping up with her child. good comedy.

Saturday night live :
How come they get so much rating by just doing dumb act. Making it live doesn’t help me if you are acting foolish. Old things really got appreciated more than they deserve it happens with everything. There is no comparison with today’s series and this comedy show. It’s tough to crack comedy live. But I hate this series some part like news reading are somewhat good.