May be not so useful 🙂

who wants to play song from terminal? I guess no one but if you want to do it for some reason for some audio file in mac try this
afplay file.mp3
afplay for playing audio file

want information about audio file use
afinfo filename

for getting information bat an audio file

sample info result:
Nandan-Dubeys-MacBook:Watermark nandan$ afinfo 03\ On\ Your\ Shore.mp3
File: 03 On Your Shore.mp3
File type ID: MPG3
Data format: 2 ch, 44100 Hz, ‘.mp3’ (0x00000000) 0 bits/channel, 0 bytes/packet, 1152 frames/packet, 0 bytes/frame
no channel layout.
estimated duration: 240.222 sec
audio bytes: 2237152
audio packets: 9196
bit rate: 74000 bits per second
packet size upper bound: 1052
maximum packet size: 731
audio data file offset: 15678