Do you use terminal most of the time?
For opening applications form Terminal I have added /Applications/app/Contents/MacOS/ for all applicatons so for TextEdit I have /Applications/ in my path. This has made my .bash_profile long. Then I got this command
open -a application_name
-a for application For using this command you don’t need to add anything in PATH. application_name is not case sensitive so you can write
open -a teXeDiT or open -a textedit or open -a preview . So this make things easy.
To open files from any folder you can write
open file.txt or open path/file.pdf etc this will directly open a file with corresponding application but it will not create a new file so file must exists.
You can even use open to open blogger in safari.
So just remeber
open for opening file and open -a for opening applications