Crimnal minds : Another CSI with lab removed by psychology and mind study.FBI. To be true this one is better than the boring lab although things still remains the same.
By just watching the murders they can tell built personality of criminal even locate them so easy. Even tries to elaborate how they have done it but it is again not convincing one among many possibility. I am not convinced that they know so much about criminal minds doesn’t interest me much.rating 7/10

yet another CSI.FBI.
lot of anthropology stuff. computer modeling lab models human body from skeleton even gives you face by feeding race, location stuff.rating 6.5/10

Castle: One more CSI with no lab a novel writer who sees all crime as his fantasy stories. This time it is NYPD. Every crime has story every crime is complicated nothing comes simple. His thinks correct relate things correct seems like he has done lot on criminal mind.

what Castle always listen from NYPD girl:
“Obey me.”
“What’s he doing here.”
“You stay here.”
rating 5/10.don’t watch.