Ubik Ubik by Philip K. Dick

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
First and second chapters are interesting took time to understand new facts in a new world but after that not a very good read till 9th chapter then it began all over again with one two more boring chapters comes the 15th chapter good and interesting. I don’t understand at all what the end means.
I was good till end paragraph I thought ok everything has somewhat explained itself although novel was slow in start and through out middle. Then it pick up a good lot of speed jetting till end. But in end para everything become unclear why anybody want an end like that why put things unexplained when it is going to destroy your novel. It’s ok with other novels where it make things more interesting but here it was really bad and unnecessary. Is it just that every philip novel end like this or what? So I don’t like the book so much. Bad ending. Anyway last part of the book was very good so i will suggest you to read very fast till 12 13th chapter just skip some pages rush through things or read the abstract of these chapters somewhere. They are just for what the world is about. I have also tried to explain it in short then enjoy the remaining small part actually I read the half of the book in 1 week and then the last part I read continuously without leaving my seat. So while I was finally enjoying it then encountered the last para which makes it all absurd so don’t read the last para.

Here is abstract for first part of the book which explain how the world is like at this time:

We have appliances: doors, refrigerator, coffee machine etc which can talk to you and even respond to your feelings but they require money before they serve you so in your own apartment your door will ask you 5 cent for opening closing so will refrigerator, pan etc.
There is one very interesting thing i.e. half life so when you are dying there is adoption for you. You can be put in cryonic condition is some moratorium in half life. The fundamentals for half life is not so clear at start but it become clearer at end I will mention what it means in start only. Half life to outer world which is real means that you can talk to people who are dead from real world. Their brain can function they can think about things they can also learn new things. However for talking we have to use special equipment.
There are psychic people who can read your thought who can know what you know so there are companies which provide you service to make you private. If you take help from these your thoughts will be locked and not be accessible to others Runciter and association is one such company.
Then comes a Girl name Pat which can go in past change things so she has this power to change a single events in past and consequences of this single event everything else will remain as it is.
Now Runciter’s company gets an assignment by some other company working on moon.

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