New Moon (Twilight, #2) New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
It is a good thriller. A big novel by size. Second novel in series after Twilight as it seems it is a fantasy/romance novel.By name you guess something about ware wolfs.It is correct now she has also included ware wolves with vampires. Although when Isabell asks Jacob(ware wolf) that he will change only in moon, he replies it is not like Hollywood movies 🙂 . I think I will remember this line as a tag with the name of novel. Book moves fast specially after middle.
In start of novel Edward leaves her. He said it will be like he never existed. This leaves Bella heart broken. For almost 4 months she leaves as if nothing matters to her. One day Charlie said to her to send her to her mom. After that day she start improving and start interaction with Jacob. She also hears Edwards voice warning her whenever she does something which is dangerous.Jacob is great help to her.He loves her and protect her from Laurent and Victoria(vampires) who are enemies of Cullen. The story takes a complete turn when Edward by intercommunication comes to know that Bella is dead.She was jumping from a cliff for thrill which seemed a suicide to Alice(Edward’s brother). Edward approach Volturi for his death. There after Alice and Bella also rush to Italy to stop him which they are able to do.But Volturi told Edward to convert Bella to vampire or kill her because she knows much about thier species. He said he will check upon this matter and let them go.Finally Edward again comes to her life. Bella does a vote for her changing to vampire among Cullens. Result comes out in favor of Bella and they decide to convert her to Vampire when she graduate. Jacob becomes angry with her. He knows that he has lost her.

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