Ref. Somewhat inspired by sessions held in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur on Golden Jubilee occasion by Brahm Kumari Shivaniji on 10th and 11th March 2010 at 6:30pm to 8:00 pm.

What I learn from session is Anger, Sadness, Tension, Stress, Competition etc are not natural they all are negative thoughts means you can live a life which doesn’t have these feelings.
Do you want to live a life without these then follow her. It is like saint you will always act best always working thoughtfully.
An intelligent life in which nothing matters at all you are always happy there is no anger no sadness. but who wants that life we want everything. Is sadness not a part of life? Is anger competition not good sometime? Is tension not increase our producibility? She says no and she intelligently defended herself. I am convinced that these are negative thoughts and can never help us tension, anxiety will never increase your producibility it always will decrease it simply says that you should give more time to some stuff but if you are intelligent and thoughtful you can schedule yourself. you will see what is important what you need to do now you have control over yourself you don’t need others pressure to command your mind but who has full control over himself we need external help sometime to guide our-self. She says nope!

But who wants to become everything all by himself who want to become God why should we not care about our situation our friends why do we not act like fool some of the time why we always think what to do why not sometime give others to decide about our-self. At least we can here many opinion then chose the best one. This is the way to enjoy life now it is just personal opinion.

What she says is right and what I think may also right as long as both are happy. But it start matters when you have lot of negative thoughts and it is persistent most of the time. It also matters when most of the time your mental state is decided by your situation your surrounding your friends your enemies. You are tense when people surrounding you are tense. You take decision on the fact that human is social animal so what others think is major cause of all your decision. This is not a quality of a leader.

She says that everybody is right for their own situation so always try to respect others decision doings. Even a bad doer first defend himself before doing anything bad. Although it is probable that after the act you get to know yourself that it is bad and there is no defense but at the time you are doing it you defend yourself.
She says that it is not good to forcefully impose our believe or our understanding to other why we say that what you are wearing is not good. This is not fair we should not be worried about what other is bearing and what is others opinion about your thoughts.
Brain/Mind is really great stuff our body is slave of our mind. It is solely responsible for all our doing feeling even hunger. It fools you, it makes you intelligent.
Other thing which I learned is stop guided by others why you become angry when others not respects you or why you hate somebody simply because he says something bad about you. He/She may have some reason to say something like that about you. There must be some reason may be it is not known to you. So before making yourself mentally ill(negative thought) Why not reason it so whenever you want to make a decision just give it a thought with relaxed mood don’t be in hurry while making decision.
Negative thought is mental illness and you can control it.
Her way of relaxing is:
You can do it with eyes open but in start you may need to close your eyes to concentrate but try to mediate without closing eyes. There is no particular pose define just relax in whatever pose you are comfortable in you can practice it whole day all time you just have to remember yourself.
You can do it along with other activity because it is just talking to yourself thinking and feeling power of your brain remembering it’s power. Relax yourself completely starting from toes to forehead feeling every part that it relaxing. Then relax your mind/thought or make it to think a single stuff because you can’t blank your mind.

I don’t know why every one who is anyway related to spirituality claims that there is God and that they know everything they can talk and ask anything to God. I don’t think anybody on earth know everything and if he does what is the point of living.
May be they claim this because if they not then why should others listen to them or may be people like to listen some false thing and people like to be misguided miss-convinced.
So she says I can talk to GOD! what the hell.
So there are things which are really great but there are things which are just foolishness in my point of view.
No body perfect 🙂
That is good

Every one already know all these stuffs nothing new but the thing is we don’t use these.
If we really follow all these stuffs we can live a perfect happy life, but who wishes to live a perfect life. It is said that night tells you the importance of day. It will become boring when we loose all those negative thoughts i.e. Anger, Sadness, Tension, Stress, Competition etc. What’s the benefit of life when you can always guide yourself without any external help when you single handedly can face all your life. When you are never guided by others. When nobody can make you feel bad.
Sometime we feel happier by behaving like fool.

A quote from the Sci Fiction book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card:
“Welcome to the human race. Nobody controls his own life, Ender. The best you can do is choose to be controlled by good people, by people who love you. “
Not correct every time but most of the time it is driving force. You can chose yourself to controlled by intelligent people(=good people).