बीती विभावरी जाग री!
बीती विभावरी जाग री!
                  अम्बर पनघट में डुबो रही
                  तारा घट ऊषा नागरी।
खग कुलकुल सा बोल रहा,
किसलय का अंचल डोल रहा,
                  लो यह लतिका भी भर लाई
                  मधु मुकुल नवल रस गागरी।
अधरों में राग अमंद पिये,
अलकों में मलयज बंद किये
                  तू अब तक सोई है आली
                  आँखों में भरे विहाग री।
जयशंकर प्रसाद
Jaishankar prasad wrote slightly more in sanskrit type.  so it is slightly more tough to understand and then it is also of prasad usual kind poem means it is chhayavaad . which means that what literal meaning you get represent some other meaning. here also he is presenting the beatiful picturisation of early morning when stars are dimming slowly and light from sun is starting.
Poem says that: night is over wake up, sky similar panghat me light similar pot. kul kul is coming from birds while stars are sunk in well similar sky. flower’s petal is vibrating .  bhaura whih sleeps inside the petal when in evening the flower closes itself is still slipping by filling darkness in eyes so is asked for wake up by opening the flower.