Some time it really get on my nerves. Decided some time to delete the game in between. but have reached to very near to final. some time it seems that they have make the game to take more time of player. you can’t end it quick. become boring in last and when it ends doesn’t make any sense i was playing for story which comes out to be very bad really depressed after playing why why i have started this game.

Prince is very big fool. he talks any thing doesn’t make sense at all. need to put more on story and talks . repeats much. it’s better to be quiet than to repeat same thing get on nerve. i remember a conversation in which princess tell prince that how many times do you have said that line 🙂 . what the hell can’t they have a good story. the story they have is very small. in so big game. then some of the time the path to run/teleport is so tough that need to practice 5 to 10 times before comes to end.

started with prince inside desert searching for his donkey: how he come in desert why he is with donkey. he is like a donkey that for sure 🙂 . so while searching you will met a girl she doesn’t tell her name initially when you ask she simply runs away. whenever there has to be some story control is removed from you and then you have no command apart from escaping to menu. you can’t control upon how much they talk. so some time they talk and talk which comes to nothing. Ok so you began to follow her. then you fight with her father. her part of story become clear. as you go to the temple guided by her. you will know what your goal is in game. there is this Ahrmas and Ozmad god of darkness and light . Ozmad has captured Ahrmas and put him in jail in tree. and there are guards called (Ahura) they guard the tree as time passes the guard’s power lessens and then the father of Elka made Ahramas. father of Elka assumes Ahrmas authority. and set him loose but still he is not able to go outside the temple because of some remaining power of ahura so your aim is to reestablish Ahura power by fertilizing the grounds. there are lot of grounds to make fertile after you fertile a ground light seeds are generated which are scattered on path and you collect them to get next power power is nothing but opening gate of whole set of new corrupted ground. so you keep on doing this running like hell. with elka.
There are some major fights as I have said they are made so that you have to fight for long and also some guys keep meeting you and fly away when there health is lessened.