With: Deepak,Utkarsh,Shaktimaan, Jeet, Ashish: iitk
Ankit Rawat, Shanky Mittal, Vinay Yadav, Ankit Maheshwari,Shishir : iitd

It will take about 4 hours to reach here from Bangalore(about 200 km).Fall is on river Kaveri on border of Tamilnadu and Karnatak.
Place is always full because of people belief that bathing in this part of river cure diseases(before Hoganikkal falls kaveri flows through herbs in mountain). Any way kaveri is like Ganga in south India.
The heat was unbearable and has lessened lot our enthusiasm. I assume the temperature would be around 38 deg C.
It is always relatively hot compared to Bangalore.
After bathing in river for long we are relieved.
Everywhere you will find fish shop selling cheap fried fish and people with bottle of oil for messaging. Whole area is full of smell of fish which is annoying.

Entrance fee is Rs.20. Then you cross a bridge to come on other side from where you start seeing fall.
There is a small watch tower which gives good panoramic view of the falls and the surroundings. They charge Rs.5 to go up.
We bought partially ripe mangoes, pineapple and cucumber. Mangoes are good pineapple are also good but they color it yellow. So ask them to cut fresh pineapple and don’t put it in there yellow colored water(it is less probable that he/she will understand).

There is no way to enjoy the scene without taking the boat. By boat you can see a lot of area. they will take you to a wide area of sandy beach. We bath there althoug water doesn’t seem so much clear but it is not so bad.
They have special kind of boat(coracle) it is round shaped made of bamboo with water resistant(plastic sheet) at bottom. It is quit stable so don’t panic. And although there is government rule about limit of 6 person on one boat, generally they carry 8 person in each boat.
The coracle person caught you on entrance and always will follow you. I guess they have some kind of understanding among themselves. So no other coracle guy will approach you. They generally ask for lot of money and you will need to do a lot of bargaining.
In between high mountain river flowing in gorge looks beautiful.
When water falls from height on stone fumes(droplets of water) rose. So the name Hogenakkal – Smoking rocks(in Kannad)

The water falls over on one side into a gorge some 20m deep and there is another gorge which is the downstream of the river.
When on boat small droplets of water also fall on you.It seems very pleasant.But it will also soak you with your cloths on so you need to worry about electronic gadgets.
We have also tried to move boat with setting pole but not able to do it we end up revolving the boat in one place :).

Time Taken : 4:30hrs approx