Prison break is great tv-series. Some of the characters are simply amazing.Friendships of Sucre, Scofield. Family of Lincoln Burrows Sara and Scofield. I have become a big fan of Michael Scofield. His way of doing things is amazing. He sees each and every aspect of plan. His watchful eyes analyzes all details of the environment.He is amazingly smart, genius and has a psychiatric history of only wanting to help others.
Generally no episode is are not lost when story ends. It ends with a bang.You are happy after end althogh your most favourate character dies. But it fits with story and also ends the plan of destroying the character in later release. Although he is not shown dead in final break.It just shows that he is about to short two high voltage wire and there is lot of fire after. body is not shown.
Everything is just perfect and amazing.Scofield’s smartness is seen at each step.It is a good thriller better than archer’s and grisham’s. Best in all you have ever read or seen.Then there are really bad guys like T-bag his acting and character is also superb. Scofield has never executed a person inspite he has got chances to execute most villan many times. FBI Agent Alex Mahone is also a brilliant character. After breaking from Fox River State he is again caught in mexico and put in sona.Now he has to break it with a guy named whistler on company’s demand. After breking from sona he tries to bring company down and succeed at last.

About killing Scofield: Even I miss Prison break so much and also know that there is no probability to start it again after killing Scofield. He has suffered so much from beginning still I actually agree with the decision to kill Michael now I think it is going with story, fitting superbly. Also a good way to end his charactor. I appreciate that they ended it right with a proper conclusion not like never ending and confusing “Lost”. I will miss Prison Break, mostly Michael Scofield! Maybe Michael is not dead. We know that he didn’t appeared running after Sara and his brother(Lincoln Burrows), but we do not know exactly that he is dead ?