19th July 2009(Saturday)

Excellent place to visit. It is located just across a dam on Cauveri river you can see the great wall of dam making high boundary in one side.
Greenery + lovely/beautiful flowers and fountains all around the place. Evening time is best. Be there 1 hour before dark to enjoy flowers and greenery which is amazing. Park is big and your one hour just pass by while strolling and enjoying the beauty. In artificial lighting the park look even better with colorful fountains. Park is made in different height stages. You will get best view from top one in lighting. Musical fountain is great and it starts around 7:30 confirm the time with people there and enjoy the music+color+ fountain dancing on it. although the fountain is not big but it is good and there are lot of different kind of fountains in even such a small place and all of them well synchronized.