As I keep on using Amarok it seems to me as best audio player. Some of it’s feature are really amazing. You not need any additional software to keep on your profile. Other cool feature is fetching information about artist/album from wikipedia. Cover manager is also a good feature by this you can bring artwork from amazon/google without any extra work. You can select all albums without cover artwork and bring their artwork. Global shortcut is very helpful by which you can configure unused key combination for Amarok use which gives you power to use amarok menu without switching specifically to it. It also has mini player mode. It’s transition between songs and also slowly dying of music when it is quit is pretty cool. I also like the showing of short information whenever song is changed/paused/played.For getting same effect in itunes in mac you need additional software. It is really helpful because it tells you short information about the song whenever played like artist, album. One amazing feature is scanning the collection whenever folder is changed so it automatically add those songs in library which you add in folder(present in collection path).