L. Frank Baum
Audio book Rating: Good children book
Started Listening:29th June 2009 Completed: 30th june
Completed this book in two days listening in van during journey to hp office from hotel.
It is also a movie based on same novel. There is sequence of Oz books at least 30 of them.
It is story about a young girl Dorothy her dog toto and her friends scarecrow, coward lion and tin woodman. In very start of the book Dorothy being carried away by cyclone from her home in Kansas to country of Muchkins. In need to return home she visits “city of emeralds” to ask the wizard of oz to help her. In way she make interesting friends: scarecrow(stuffed man who doesn’t have brain and need it badly), tin woodman(he made of tin completely and wishes only one thing on earth: lovely and kind heart), Cowardly Lion( His only worry was he is very coward). They all travel with Dorothy to meet the wizard who can grant their wishes. I was annoyed by the number of times their wishes are repeated in whole story. Upon reaching the city their adventure doesn’t end because the wizard demands that they must kill the wicked witch of west before he grant their wishes. Then they set upon a new journey to kill the wicked witch. But that can also not help Dorothy because after fulfilling all her friends wishes wizard make a balloon to fly over desert and come out of this country to our world. Accidentally the balloon fly without Dorothy and wizard also flew with balloon. Now to fulfill her wish she must visit the kind hearted witch of south. So again their voyage start with her friends and finally witch of south help her to go home and also help her friends to reach their respective place where they become king.