Best enjoying place in Bangalore. Makes your whole day full of amusement and fun.
The park is large and has two parts Dry Rides and Wet Rides. One day is small compare to number of rides so avoid long lines in rush period. After 2:00 pm till evening dry rides generally become less used. but there is condition with some rides about minimum number of people required to make a ride. If you are in a group of 10 people then this is not a problem for you.

Dry rides has lots of scary stuff, rides that turn you upside down are special rides there are 5 of them. I like insanity most of all, it rotates unexpectedly and is also fast.Others good ones are Bamba, Mixer, Vertical Fall, Butterfly Ride,Termite train,sky wheel.

Water rides are also of comparable amusement like mountain climb, twisters, very steep water ride(verticle fall), racers. I like the twister which is completely covered most. It is dark inside and very fast with lot of turn. Two guys go at a time. Me an my fried Rahul enjoy it 4 times. Then there are some very cool stuffs like lazy river. If you are in a group then you lazy river is real fun. We turn others the the floater upside down.Other things include Rain dance,Wave pool.

In evening time you can enjoy Musical Fountain and laser show. There is a good restaurant with reasonable price.
The entrance fee charged is about Rs 450 on week days and 600 on weekend. We got pass from one of my friend and got 50 rupees rebate on each ticket.

WonderLa, is situated in outskirts of Bangalore on Mysore road before Innovative film city(Bidadi). It is one of the largest water park in the country.