A good weekend spot for entertainment and fun but less enjoying than Wonder la. It is 4 -5 km from Wonder la situated on Bangalore-Mysore highway.
You can visit it one time but come in morning to enjoy whole day till 7:00 pm. There are lot of things to enjoy but some of them are disappointing with respect of money they cost.
Best thing to visit in my opinion are Mirror maze and Ripley’s believe it or not museum.There are some good shops inside the park. You can buy new kind of things to decorate your rooms. There is a shop for children, shops of cloths, a bar and dining restaurant. It is really innovative city which combine many things in one campus.

Miniature city: Biggest disappointment with respect to ticket cost(Rs. 100). But a new experience although the city is too small but it has international airport, train, bridges, river, ships, parking zones, streets with vehicles, restaurant, houses etc. Other attractions are Eiffel tower, Sphinx, waterfall, Mount Rushmore, London Bridge, Great wall of china.

Go carting: I haven’t done it because I think it is costlier(Rs. 150) because area is small and speed is not too fast.

Funplex: 4d theater, Virtual reality games and Bowling.

Mirror maze: Worth watching It is small but interesting. If it is somewhat larger than I am sure I will lost here. For sometime I was also lost but exit and entry get reflection are always visible so if you try you can go out. Go slowly inside and no need to throw your hand ahead of yourself to stop yourself from colliding to a mirror if you see yourself ahead then don’t go that side it is mirror.

Wild wild west: Lot of people don’t visit it if they reach here in late afternoon. It is free and good to see you really feel like coming in old Mexico city just like in the movie(The good the bad and the ugly). It really looks naturally old city with its bar, inn, houses and road.

Water park: It has artificial beach with waves not worth money(Rs. 150).

Ripley’s Believe it or not: Good museum big and worth watching. Lot of interesting and amazing things. Everybody can find something which amazes him. We really enjoy the look through mirror, you can’t believe that people behave so foolishly ahead of a mirror. Museum is truly spell bounding.

Ball Throwing machine: you can play 3 overs in 40 and 4 overs in 50 rupees.
Haunted mansion: Again costlier(Rs. 100) than what is inside.

Louis Tussuad’s Wax Museum: Not good enough. There are characters like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, The Beatles(band), Angelina Jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harry Potter, Hermione, Tom wisely and some more( about 25).

Cartoon city: Has small rides for children.
Beside these there is mini golf, Fossil museum, Dino world.