2 years back I hate using IDE platforms reason being, I don’t like suggestions it start giving as you type and also the showing error in an incomplete line or method. Then there is package thing and running from main class which I don’t understand, Actually I try to open already created files. So what I think is IDE are not for beginners who most of the time do copy-paste or write randomly in same file.
Although Vi is best editor but sometime using some IDE really helps you. Eclipse is an open source IDE initiated by IBM but now it is independent and has good developers community of it’s own.Lot of applications has plugins for eclipse I have worked on hadoop and flex plugins. It is also lighter than Netbeans. I am fan of the export tool using this you can export a runnable jar file which you can run on any other system which is helpful when you are doing a project which need a lot of resources. I am no where proficient in using it so sometime get confused actually it has lot of things to help you. I have used it only for java but it is also for perl, python, C and C++.