One way access programs faster is to include all highly used program executable in PATH. You can do it easily by going to environment variable inside my computer’s property under advance tab. After this you just do win + r (shortcut for run) and type the name of executable which generally is name of program hit enter.

Alt + Space bar for main menu of a window(use to minimize/maximize/close/move/re size)
Alt + Esc to switch between open applications
Win + Pause/break for opening System’s property
Win + F to search in computer
Win + E open explorer window
Alt + Enter show property of selected item in explorer
F4 in explorer displays the address bar list
F6 for cycle through all items on screen(eg from quick lunch to task bar)
Shift + F10 displays right click option
Ctrl+Shift+Esc for opening task manager
Shift + Tab move opposite of Tab
Spacebar In filling forms used to check the box.
win + l lock computer
F2 for renaming file/folder
Alt + underlined character in menu items( If you see carefully there are underlined character in each menu item)
Win + d Show desktop
Win + m minimize all windows
Win +Shift + m Restore the minimized windows
Ctrl + N Start another explorer/browser with same address in Mozilla it is just another instance(not with same address)
The lesser you use mouse the better will be your speed. Cool Shortcuts looks impressive to use.