Less than 20 km from Bangalore. It is like a big zoo. Animals are kept separately. Benefit is you can always see them from bus because there is small area along the bus route where they can roam. You can see white and golden tigers, lions, Bears and deer inside the park. There is a zoo, small aquarium and a butterfly park. Ticket is around Rupees 120 for grand safari which include everything plus rupees 20 extra for butterfly park and about same charge for camera.Park is made in such way that all animal are always present near bus route.
Bus tour will be around 45 minutes, after that you may see butterfly park separately, it is beautiful with colorful flowers and fishes in artificial pond.
In park there are many small ponds for birds which came here in December till February.
Zoo is very diverse with many kind of animals and birds.Birds like pigeons(white and rock), owl, swan, geese etc. Zoo has amazingly many kinds of reptiles especially snakes like cobra, python, krait, viper,rat snake etc. There are not much interesting Crocodiles and Alligators which remains in their position like rock. There are varieties of turtle.
Many varieties of monkeys, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Porcupine, three striped Palm Squirrel, Zebra, rhino, Emu and Jackal.
Monkeys are everywhere so keep that in mind.
All animals in the zoo seems to be adopted so on each cage you will see names of their adopter.Park is open all seven days.
It is not more than 3 hours in park plus at most 2 hour for to and fro from Bangalore. Zoo time is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. On weekends it is somewhat crowded but still morning time is good.